Abramzon Saul Mendeleevich

Abramzon Saul Mendeleevich (was born 22.06. 1905, Orlov province, city of Dmitrovsk – 01.09.1977, Leningrad) – professor and ethnographer, doctor of historical sciences.

Scientific interest: the history of the Kyrgyz people, ethnography, culture, Ethnogenesis features, historical and cultural ties, folklore; Ethnonym system and the cultural lexicon of Turkic languages; museology.

The main works:

Abramson S.M. Kyrgyz population of Xinjiang Uygur autonomously region of China // Kyrgyz arheologich.-ethnographic. expeditions. – T. 2. – Frunze, 1959. 322-369pp.

Abramson S.M. Kyrgyz in China // AS KyrgSSR. – Vol. 2. – Frunze, 1961. – 119-132p; Abramson S.M. Some issues of public building of Nomad Societies // Soviet ethnography. – 1970.- № 6.- 61-73pp.

Abramson S.M. Kyrgyz and their ethnographic.and Historical and cultural ties// USSR. Institute of Ethnography. – L .: Nauka, 1971. – 404 p.

Abramson S.M. National tradition as a source for the study of etnich. History of Kyrgyzstan Center. Tien Shan // Etnich. history of the peoples of Asia. – M., 1972- 67-82p.

Abramson S.M. Kyrgyz and their ethnographic. and History and cultural ties. – Frunze, Kyrgyzstan, 1990. – 478 p.

Abramson S.M. Family models in before turkic and Turkic tribes of South Siberia, Semirechye, and Tien Shan mountains in ancient times and the Middle Ages // Turkological collection 1972 – M., 1973. – 300-304p.

Abramson S.M. About some terms of relationship in Turkic languages // Turcologica (to the 70th anniversary of Academician A.N. Kononov). – L., 1976.

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