Congratulations of President of the Turkic Academy Darkhan Kydyrali on the Day of Turkic World Cooperation

“Dear friends, dear brothers!

Today is a Turkic world Cooperation Day!

Ten years ago, at the historic summit in Nakhchivan, the Turkic Council, the Turkic Academy, the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation and the Council of Elders were established.

Since then, fraternal ties, these organizations, as well as and TURKSOY and TURKPA have got stronger.

The scope of deep-rooted cooperation expanded by joining them Hungary and Uzbekistan.

Over the decade, political, economic, cultural, spiritual, scientific ties developed and the concept of the Turkic world has firmly entrenched.

The International Turkic Academy, established ten years ago in Nakhchivan, which received its international status five years ago, has been deepening its research in the Turkic world by studying closely related language and  appearance, history and destiny of peoples from Baikal to Balkans.

Let the Turkic world cooperation get stronger!

Let our brotherhood and the unity be everlasting!

Happy anniversary holiday – the first decade!” – wrote the head of the Academy in his Facebook page.