Dictionary of Sakha language consisting of 15 volumes was published

Scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have completed the fundamental work, which began in 1972, on preparing a 15-volumed dictionary of Sakha language belonging to one of the preserved languages ​​of Turkic peoples.

According to the manager, one of the authors of the project, Mr. Vladimir Monastyrev, this unique edition is an interpretation dictionary of Turkic languages ​​developed with the use of modern techniques. “Our research team has been working continuously over the past 15 years, adding one volume each year. We have completed it all on schedule. We are confident that this work will be an important, promising publication for Turkic-Mongolian language researchers,” says Vladimir Monastyrev.

It should be noted that the UN devoted this year to the preservation of local languages. In this regard, the Russian Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs announced a special competition on linguistics and as a result, the 15-volumed “Sakha Language Dictionary” became a winner in the nomination the “Best Scientific Project of the Year”.

The dictionary of about 10,000 pages contains about 80,000 words and idioms of Sakha language. The explanations of words and idioms are given in Sakha and Russian.