Today, the 18th of May, is the Day of Turkic Writing

At the initiative of the International Turkic Academy, the Day of Turkic Writing is celebrated annually on May 18. This date was approved by the decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and by the decree of the Government.

In this regard, the International Turkic Academy sincerely congratulates you on the Day of Turkic Writing.

The International Turkic Academy has a Department of Turkology, Altaistics and Mongoliatics, which studies and translates the Turkic script. The Academy has always supported new research on Turkic inscriptions. In particular, at the initiative of the Academy, on April 24 this year, the Year of Tonyukuk was officially announced at the UNESCO level, and the “Bilge Tonyquq” collection with translations in 12 languages was published in honor of the 1300th anniversary of the Tonyukuk monument.