The ancient Hunnic capital was found in Mongolia

The ancient city of Luncheng, or the “City of dragons” was found in the central part of Mongolia. This was reported by the Chinese Xinhua News Agency, citing the head of the Mongolian archeological research team Tumur-Ochirin Iderkhangai.

According to the news agency, the ancient city was the capital of the nomadic Hunnic (Hun) empire.

The search for the city lasted for ten years. It was first suggested in 2017 that the city of Luncheng was located near the village of Ulziit in the Arkhangai region of Mongolia. However, the excavations were postponed.

According to Iderkhangai, on the facade of the building’s roof in the discovered city there was found the inscription stating “Shanyu, the son of Heaven” in ancient Chinese characters. The Hun rulers were called in this manner. This is the first real object found in Mongolia with such inscription.