Aganin Rashid Abdullovich (was born on 10.01.1924 in the Autonomous Republic of Mordovia, Torbeevskiy district, Surgodi village – dead in Moscow in 2005) - turkologist linguist, candidate of philological sciences. Field of scientific research: historical lexicology of Turkish language, lexicography, grammatical structure, Turkish language and Turkish folk literature.

The main works:

Aganin R.A. Replays and homogeneous paired combinations in the modern Turkish language / USSR Academy of Sciences. Institute of Oriental Studies. - Moscow: Science, 1959. - 144 p.

Aganin R.A. Principles of using imitative words in Turkish words // Turkic-Mongol. Linguistics and folklore. - M., 1960. - 159-172 p.

Aganin R.A. Translation from Turkish.: Mysdyk – the winner of Divs, 13-27p; Grateful fox. 131-137p, Sister Sedef, 144-149p, etc .; Legends. 233-278p // Turkish fairy tales. M., 1960; How to publish a novel, 40p; Speech at the opening ceremony, 42-48p, etc .; In one country (Tales), 343-410p // Aziz Nesin. If I were a woman. - M., 1961.

Aganin R.A. Dictionary "Camus-u-Turki" Shemsettin Sami Frashei: (From the history of Turkish lexicography) // Brief msg. of the Institute of Asian Peoples (Academy of Sciences of USSR). – Linguistics No11. - 1961. - 87-99p.

Aganin R.A. Lexical grammatical nature of Turkish Composite verbs and principles of their reflections in dictionaries // Brief msg. of the Institute of Asian Peoples (Academy of Sciences of USSR). - Turkey. - 1962. - 64-77p.

Aganin R.A. Explanatory words as a means of expressing the values in Turkish language // Brief msg. of the Institute of Asian Peoples (USSR). - No 83. Mongolian studies and Turkology. - 1963. 96-101p.

Aganin R.A. Pocket Turkish- Russian dictionary. - M.: Sov. Enc. 1968 - 292 p.

Aganin R.A. Textbook vocabulary and teaching dictionaries // Russian language in national school. - 1974 - № 1 - 16-25p.

Aganin R.A. Turkish lexicography in the USSR (1917-1977) // Soviet Turkology. - 1978 - № 3 - 80-94p.

Aganin R.A. Turkish dictionaries in the USSR // Translations and instructional lexicography. - M., 1979 - 343-358p.

Aganin R.A. Turkish Language. M .: Min. of Education of the USSR, 1984 - Part 1 – 107p; - Part 2 – 183p.

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Рашид Абдуллович Аганин
Түркітанушы-лингвист, филология ғылымдарының кандидаты.