Alpatov Vladimir Mikhailovich (born in Moscow, on 17.04.1945) is Russian orientalist, linguist, Doctor of Philology (13.07.1984), Professor (16.02.2000), and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2008). Scientific direction: the Japanese grammar, grammar theory and typology, history of language, social linguistics. Position: researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1971.), Head of the Department (1988-1995), Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1988-1995), Director of the Institute of Linguistics of Russian Academy of Sciences (2012). He has taught at Moscow State University since 1993. He has more than 300 publications.

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The main works:

Alpatov V.M. History of one myth: (Marr and Marrism) / USSR. Institute of Oriental Studies. - Moscow, Nauka, 1991. - 240 p.

Alpatov V.M. History of linguistic. doctrines: (Textbook.). - M., 1998. - 368 p.

Alpatov V.M. Courtesy categories in modern Japanese. -M.: Nauka, 1973. - 107 p.

Alpatov V.M. The structure of grammatical units in modern Japanese. - M.: Nauka, 1979 - 149 p.

Alpatov V.M. Japan: language and society. - M .: Nauka, 1988 - 136 p. (Ed. 2nd, enlarged. M.: Ant, 2003. 208 p.)

Alpatov V.M. Guidelines on the course "Lexicology of the Japanese language." - Vladivostok: Far Eastern State University, 1981. - 48 p.

Alpatov V.M. The study of the Japanese language in Russia and the USSR. - M.: Nauka, 1988 - 189 p.

Alpatov V.M. "Slavist deal: 1930th”. - M.: Heritage, 1994. - 284 p. (with F.D. Ashnin).

Alpatov V.M. “150 languages and politics: 1917-1997. Sociolinguistic Problems of the USSR and the former Soviet Union”. - M.: Institute of Oriental Studies. 1997. - 192 p.

Alpatov V.M. History of Linguistic Studies. Tutorial. - M.: Russian Language Culture, 1998. - 367 p.

Alpatov V.M. Japanese Grammar: Introduction. Phonology. Suprafonology. Morphonology. M.: Eastern. lit., 2000. -. 149 p. (with J.F. Vardul, S.A. Starostin).

Alpatov V.M. “Moscow linguistic / Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the Study and Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage”. - M.: Publishing House of the Institute of Foreign Languages, 2001. - 104 p. (Natural and Cultural Heritage of Moscow).

Alpatov V.M. Repressed turkology. - M.: Eastern Literature, 2002. - 296 p. (with F.D. Ashnin and D.M. Nassilov)

Alpatov V.M. Voloshin, Bakhtin and linguistics. - M.: Slavic Culture Languages, 2005. - 432 p.

Alpatov V.M. Japan: language and culture. - M.: Slavic Culture Languages, 2008. - 206 p.

Alpatov V.M. Theoretical Grammar of the Japanese Language: M .: Natalis, 2008. (with P. Arkadyev V.I. Podlesskikh)

Alpatov V.M. Linguists, orientalists and historians. - M.: Slavic Culture Languages, 2012. - 374p.

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