Dear friends!
Welcome to the official portal of the International Turkic Academy!

In this portal you can find full information about all news and projects of the Academy, which aims to become a scientific and intellectual platform of the Turkic world. As you know, it is working under the Turkic Academy the museum and library, which has more than 35 thousand valuable books. It is provided an opportunity to take a virtual tour of the museum and the library through this portal. Along with that, we have a goal of becoming a unified portal, where will be the exchange of scientific data of everyday life of Turkic nations.

I hope that our interconnection in the online space of the Academy will be productive.

Sincerely, President of the International Turkic Academy, Darkhan Kydyrali

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Саул Менделевич Абрамзон
учёный-этнограф, тюрколог, кандидат исторических наук