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GLOBAL-Turk – international academic journal. It is designed for Turkic language countries and social and economic processes of Eurasian countries in general, international relations, formation of individuality of nations – national history and language policy, and other issues. The purpose of the journal is by providing an opportunity for scientific integration of Turkic language and Eurasian countries, and regions, to establish a unified intellectual environment. Articles will be accepted in accordance with the requirements approved by the editorial office in Kazakh, Turkish, Russian and English languages.


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In the journal will be published the latest news and systematic searches of the science of Turkology. Furthermore, interesting findings and rational researches of famous experts in the sphere of Altaistics will be published as well. In particular, valuable articles of leading scientists engaged in fundamental research in the field of linguistics, literature, folklore and art, history and chronology will be released. A creative personality of honored outstanding figures of Turkic world’s science and knowledge, newly published books and critical reviews on published products, fresh information written on Turkic spirituality will be included.


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Тurkic Weekly – e-Newsletter aims to keep you regularly informed on the latest news of the Turkic World. "Turkic Weekly" provides you with reliable information and timely analysis on key political, socio-economic and scientific events across Turkic-speaking states. This e-Newsletter is diligently prepared by the International Turkic Academy.About the Journal

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Владимир Михайлович Алпатов
Шығыстанушы, лингвист, филология ғылымдарының докторы