Foreword by the Editor-in-chief

Dear readers!

The “GLOBAL-Turk” journal entered its second year. Strongly believing in the viability and relevance of our journal, we are offering our readers the first issues of 2015 year.

This year the Turkic Academy strengthened its international status, the scale of its activities expanded, and the ties with scientific institutions and high-reputed international organizations such as UNESCO and ISESCO were established.

As one of our activities in this direction, on January 20-26 we organized a forum devoted to the 550 years anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate in partnership with the leading scientific institutions of China.

On April 15 the International Turkic Academy organized an international forum “The Heritage of Korkut and the Turkic World” at the UNESCO head-quarters in Paris, which was attended by a number of high profile guests. The welcome speech by Gulshara Abdikhalikova, the State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is published in this issue of the journal.

The importance of Caspian Sea for the economic cooperation among the Turkic countries is well-known for centuries due to its location on the Silk Way Road connecting continents and civilizations, the East and the West. Accordingly, on 21 May within the framework of the Astana Economic Forum, together with the Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the International Turkic Academy held a separate session “The Caspian Transit Corridor: the Infrastructure Development and Economic Cooperation”. The most relevant papers from this forum are also published in this issue of our journal.

Relatedly with the above meaningful events, this joint 1st-2nd volume of “GLOBAL-Turk” is paying special attention to the issues of economic cooperation.

We are looking forward for your proposals, scientific articles and opinions.

I wish You all the best!

Darkhan Kydyrali


of the International Turkic Academy,

Editor-in-chief of the “GLOBAL-Turk” journal

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