Dear Friends! Each Monday Turkic Academy International Organization is glad to present to your attention new edition of 'Turkic Weekly' e-Newsletter.

In the 2nd issue of "Turkic Weekly" we highlight key events of the last week (9-15 November 2015), which are as follows:                  

§  UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030

§  TAPI pipeline and Turkmenistan’s recent moves

§  Uzbekistan’s ‘pivot to Asia’

§  EXPO 2017 and Kazakhstan’s external ties

§  70th Anniversary of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences

§  Chokan Valikhanov & Boronbay biy celebrations

§  Taiwan-China Rapproachment 

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«TURKIC WEEKLY» / 2 «TURKIC WEEKLY» / 2 : 16.11.2015 :

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Саул Менделевич Абрамзон
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