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Народные танцы тюркских народов

Turkic national dances

Turkic communities have its own games and dances according to the region. The Caucasus, the Middle East, Anatolia, the Balkans, the Crimea, Siberia and Central Asia regions have developed their own specific forms and styles.  

Древнетюркский календарь

Ancient Turkic calendar

Today, a Turkic calendar of twelve-year cycle is a wide spread in Central Asia, Siberia, the region of Ural and Volga, and Caucasus Turks. The common names of the 12 animals in the calendar, and the same legends of all Turkic and Mongolian people associated with them - is a clear evidence of this.

Игры тюркских народов: борьба

Turkic national games: Kures (wrestling)

People awarded with the title of the Wrestler (Paluan) play an important role in Turkic culture. Turkic epos hero usually fights against the opponent and wins. In general, at the age of six Turkic boys started to learn wrestling, and aimed to win strong people and to develop their dignity.


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