The book about Aitmatov was presented


During the 2nd Kazakh-Kyrgyz Intellectual forum, held in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, a book titled "Aitmatov. The Last Writer of the Empire" published with the support of the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) was presented.

The author of the book, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Chyngyz Aitmatov, is Osmanakun Ibraimov, a statesman and public figure of Kyrgyzstan, literary critic and scholar. The book states about the life and work of Chyngyz Aitmatov. The author described Aitmatov's personality, his destiny, literary works, political views and social attitudes closely related to the 20th century. Such individuals are typically considered as "person of the epoch". Therefore, the author of the book highlights Aitmatov’s excellence in describing the community of the Soviet Union, its values ​​and features, the human fate in that era.

Presentation of the book published with the support of the TWESCO was organized during the first Kazakh-Kyrgyz Intellectual forum on "Aitmatov's reading" in Astana in the spring of this year. Later, a presentation of the book was organized in Bishkek. At the second Kazakh- Kyrgyz Intellectual Forum the book was presented in the Osh University and was placed in the university library.


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