Expert of the Academy met with the president of Mongolia


According to the official website of the president of Mongolia, Mongolian President H.Battulga met with a group of foreign scholars appointed as Mongolia's ambassadors to culture. Among the ambassadors of culture there is a senior manager of the Department of Science of the International Turkic Academy Akedil Toishanuly.

At the meeting, Mongolian President H. Battulga expressed his gratitude to Ambassadors of Culture of Mongolia for their responsible duty and a significant contribution to the cultural relations of Mongolia. The President emphasized that the start of information exchange in Mongolia's social, economic, cultural spheres, systematic advancement of historical, cultural heritage, and active involvement with government and public organizations, and the launch of a common information network for this sector are a significant achievement.

He said: "Hun, Turkic, Mongolian empires were formed on our vast territory and have affected the world. Historical, cultural heritage, traditions of nomadic civilization are very rich. That is why we plan to implement a big program in the future with great emphasis on tourism. A complex for the Turkic heritage will also be founded within this program, and I will introduce this issue to the parliament near future."

Mongolian Ambassador to Kazakhstan, scholar, senior manager of TWESCO Science Department A.Toishanuly said: "The International Turkic Academy, established by the initiative of the Head of State N.A.Nazarbayev, pays a special attention to the study of nomadic civilization. The Academy has successfully completed archaeological survey lasted for 3 years at the Shiveet Ulaan complex in the Bulgin region of Mongolia. Another research carried out in conjunction with the National Museum of Mongolia was a succesful archaeological excavation of the ancient Turkic complex of Hayahudag in Hentay region. Objects discovered in the complex certainly will give impetus to the study of our history. Protection and storage of monuments are also developing. We are grateful to the Mongolian state, scientific and cultural associations, scientists who have helped these scientific expeditions. Thank you for your support and hope for your support of our future plans."

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia B. Batzetseg, the Mongolian President's Adviser T.Tegshjargal, the Mongolian Cultural Ambassadors.


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