Academy presented the Turkic Barometer


Today, the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) presented the Turkic Barometer project and its first research results within the international conference on "Modernization of National identity in the Turkic World: History. Cognition. Personality".

The meeting was attended by representatives of intelligentsia from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey and heads of diplomatic corps accredited in Kazakhstan.

The Head of the Academy, Darkhan Kydyrali, told about the main goals and perspectives of the Turkic Barometer creation.

The Turkic barometer is a similar project of the European Union's Eurobarometer research program and other research in the world (Afroarmatometer, Latinbarometer, etc.).

It is well-known that the Eurasian monitoring has been carried out in the post-Soviet space since 2004. Eurasian Development Bank (EABR) has been implementing the Integrated Barometer in the CIS since 2012.

The main purpose of the research project is to explore social attitude (reactions) of people in Turkic countries related to the integration processes conducted by the Turkic Council, and their views on economic and cultural aspects. Specifically, to sort main social and economic indicators of the Turkic states and plan the optimal aspects of cooperation between the peoples.

The first social survey was conducted among the citizens of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

The project was presented by Botagoz Rakisheva, the scientific adviser, the head of the Institute for Scientific Research "Public Opinion", which implemented it by the order of the Academy. 

According to her, the Turkic Barometer is expected to become a permanent system of interstate (cross-cultural) sociological researches in the Turkic world.

During the study, 500 respondents from each of the above-mentioned countries were selected and answered over 50 questions. Among them are: How well do you know the culture of Turkic states?; What are the most famous representatives of the Turkic world in the fields of science, culture, art, sports?; Who do you think is a reputable person in the Turkic world?; Where do you get news from the Turkic world?

It is worth noting that the Turkic Barometer will be conducted in independent Turkic states by regular interviews (every six months or once a year). Citizens who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate in the study.


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