The President of the Academy gave an interview to the National Digital History portal


Head of the TWESCO Darkhan Kydyrali gave an interview to Kazakhstani National Digital History portal and told about the work of the international organization. The President of the Academy shared the latest news of Turkology, Altaic studies, and Mongolian monuments of Turkic era.

In his interview, the head of the TWESCO talked about the course of archaeological excavations conducted by the organization jointly with scientists from Mongolia. In particular, the role of Shiveet Ulaan memorial complex of Mongolia in the life Old Turkic people, and importance of such places in Turkic studies. He also reported on archaeological excavations conducted at the Kerulen valley in Kentei region of Mongolia. Darkhan Kuandykuly noted, "Indeed, Old Turkic people did not use a temple in their faith of Tengri God, hence it was not able to rise to the level of religion. We have learned the history of religions through the western scientific norms. Perhaps the temple is not important for religion. What if the recognition of ancestors was based on this? We can give different definitions about the history of religion and religion itself. However, the ritual complexes of Old Turkic people makes us revise the history of religions on the basis of modern classical theories. It is a fact that Tengrianism is a classic example of religion."


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