A conference devoted to the Hungarian scholar took place


The International Turkic Academy organized a scientific conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of famous Turkologist, Kipchak people researcher Istvan Kongur Mandoki in Almaty. The conference titled “The Great Steppe and Mandoki’s heritage” was attended by the head of TWESCO Darkhan Kydyrali, Ambassador of Hungary to Kazakhstan Andras Barani, scientist's wife Onaisha Maksumkyzy, Consul General of Hungary in Almaty Ferenc Blauman, scholars from USA, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and public figures.

Speaking at the conference on “The Great Steppe and Mandoki’s heritage” TWESCO's president said that heritage of Istvan Kongur Mandoki, who worked from Altai to Anatolia, Balaton to Baykal, from the Caucasus to Karatau, is closely related to the Great Steppe culture. The scholar left his mark in the Kazakh steppes. The International Turkic Academy has made a significant contribution to the preservation of scholar’s heritage and publication of his scientific works. Today, the scholar’s personal book fund with 16 thousand books is kept in the library of the Academy. Every year, TWESCO conducts events dedicated to commemorating of the scholar. This year's 75th jubilee anniversary will also be widely celebrated. Conference held in Almaty is only the beginning of the Academy’s planned events.

Istvan Kongur Mandoki not only collected historical and cultural heritage of Turkic peoples, but also dreamed about spiritual unity of peoples and brotherhood. The work of the scholar also contributed to the strengthening of contacts between Turkic states and Hungary. Hungary's Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Andras Barani, said at the conference: “When we talk about Mr. Kongur, we see a person who made a great contribution to the development of Turkic studies, who always dreamed about the unity of Turkic-speaking peoples, strengthening of ties among them, free development of their cultures and languages. Kongur Mandoki, who payed special attention to the development of Kazakh language, has become a symbol of brotherly relations not only between Hungarian and Kazakh, but also all Turkic-speaking peoples of the world. Despite his early death, he saw the independence of Kazakh nation he dreamed. Thanks to that independence, Kazakhstan has become Eurasian country, a reputed and respected country. That is why location of the headquarters of the International Turkic Academy is not accidental, it is in the heart of the Great Steppe. “After the opening of Mandoki’s Library in the Academy, we believe that a part of Hungary is in the Turkic Academy.”

The American scientist Uli Shamiloglu said that Mandoki is worth to be called as “Radlov of the XXI century”. There is still a huge amount of not published manuscripts left by the scientist. According to the American scholar, the manuscripts stored in his family if published will consist of about 30 volumes. Thus, there is no such turkologist who collected Turkic heritage as Istvan Kongur Mandoki. Therefore, publishing works of the scientist and presenting them to the public is very relevant.

One of the meeting participants, Head of the Research Institute for History, Language and Literature at Ufa Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Firdaus Khisamitdinova said that Mandoki’s heritage should be used for the development of the Turkic world. “The image of Mandoki in the history becomes brighter year by year. It seems that his great spirit travels among Turkic peoples,” said professor.

President of NAS of Kazakhstan Murat Zhurinov, orientalist, scientist Absattar kazhy Derbisali, President of the International Kazakh Language Society academician Omirzak Aitbaiuly, Senior Expert of the International Turkic Academy Kadyrali Konkabayev, Director of the A. Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics Erden Kazhybek, turkologist from Yassawi Kazakh-Turkish International University Seisenbai Kudasov, along with other intellectuals, shared their thoughts and memories about Istvan Kongur Mandoki.

Scholar’s wife Onaisha Maksumkyzy said that Mandoki's dreams harmonize with ideas in the article of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on “Seven facets of the Great Steppe”. “I am very pleased that Kazakh people do not forget their talented child, son of Kipchaks Kongur. He loved Kazakh people very much. He had a rich knowledge of Kazakh ethics, history and culture. And he fell in love with Kazakh as he respected them,” she said.

At the conference, TWESCO’s Gold Medal was awarded to Doctor of Philology Telkozha Zhanuzakov and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to Kazakhstan Andras Barani, Wilhelm Thomsen Medal was awarded to Doctor of Philology Alimkhan Zhunusbek, and scholar Ahmet Toktabay and Kongur researcher Ernar Masalimov received the Honorary Diploma of the Academy.


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