Concert of great musician (kuishi) Abdimomyn Zheldybayev was held at Kazakh National University of Arts


Outstanding poet, kuishi who devoted his life to great and sacred music of Kazakh dombra, and tried to show all beauty of kui art, presented a concert to the 20th anniversary of Astana and therefore, has made a significant contribution to the program of "Modernization of Identity".

A. Zheldybayev's great merits are loved by people, as well as highly appreciated by the state. In various years he was awarded highest national Orders such as "Parasat", "Kurmet" and received a title of "Honored Art Worker of Kazakhstan".

Poet’s well-known kui-poems "Erke sylkym", "Tole bi Tolgauy", along with the author's new work - "Nursultan" – impressed all listeners. The poet expressed his gratitude through the poem to the President for his genuine love for people and the nation.

In addition, famous Kazakh singers, kuishi-poets such as Zhangali Zhuzbayev, Aigul Ulkenbayeva and artists of Astana Philharmonic performed at the event.

The concert was attended by government officials, members of Parliament, foreign guests, diplomats, as well as prominent art figures.

It is worth noting that the International Turkic Academy, which is carrying out fundamental projects in studying and promoting ancient Turkic heritage, has also contributed to successful conducting of this art festival.


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