Kazakhstan celebrates Constitution Day


The 30th of August is the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This document, adopted on 30 August 1995 on the basis of a nationwide referendum, came into force on 5th of September of the same year.

The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of 9 chapters and 98 articles. Paragraph 1 of Article 1 of the document states: "The Republic of Kazakhstan establishes itself as a democratic, secular, legal and social state whose most valuable treasure is a man and the life, rights and freedoms of a man." The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan focuses primarily on human beings, human rights and freedoms.

The Constitution adopted in 1995 was the fifth document in the history of Kazakhstan. Three of the constitution of Kazakhstan were adopted during the years 1926, 1937, 1978, and one document was adopted on January 28, 1993. However, as the first constitution of independent Kazakhstan did not comply with the democratic principles of the country, in 1995 a new Constitution was adopted through a nationwide referendum.


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