Turkic Academy presented Amir Nacip’s dictionary of Turkic languages never published before


Today, in the city of Astana, International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) held a presentation of 4 volumes of "Historical-comparative Dictionary of Turkic languages of 14th century. On the basis of "Khusrau and Shyryn" of Kutyp", an author of the dictionary is a prominent Turkologist, an expert in ancient and modern Turkic languages Amir Nacip.

Outstanding state and public figures, heads of international organizations, heads of the diplomatic corps in Kazakhstan, famous turkologists, literary scholars, as well as representatives of the intelligentsia participated in the ceremony, which was held within the framework of the International Eurasian Book Fair-2017.

The full version of this dictionary, which is valuable for world Turkology, is published for the first time. Head of the Academy Darkhan Kydyrali introduced the work to readers.

During his lifetime, Amir Nacip has finished and submitted for publication 4 volumes of the "Historical-comparative Dictionary of Turkic languages of 14th century" («Историко-сравнительный словарь тюркских языков XIV века»), which includes 2500 words from the most valuable literary work of Horde period Kutyp’s "Khusrau and  Shyryn". Unfortunately, only the first volume of the dictionary was published in Moscow in 1979, and other volumes were not published during the lifetime of the scholar.

In the period of the declaration of independence of Kazakhstan, the scientist shared with and left his manuscripts to his close friend, academician Abduali Kaidar. "I devoted all my knowledge and thoughts to the Turkology. My body stays in Moscow, but my bones belong to Kazakhs, and my heart is also with you... The majority of medieval works were created on the land of modern Kazakhstan, and hence you are their owners. I have published some of them. But there are also unpublished works. I have prepared manuscripts of two or three volumes. I hope, you will present them and publish".

International Turkic Academy systematically collects, storages, publishes and presents research works, valuable manuscripts, own archives and library of turkologists. An academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, doctor of philological sciences, professor A.Kaidar left his library and manuscript collection to the Academy. Among this fund the Academy received valuable manuscripts of prominent scholar A.Nacip.

After that, the Academy planned the publication and started to prepare the "Historical-comparative Dictionary of Turkic languages of 14th century" of a prominent scientist, turkologist A.Nacip. And today, this 4-volumed work of the scholar is carefully systematized in the "Modern Turkology" series and is not only presented to the world Turkology, but also raises its quality to a new level.

This fundamental work offers to readers definitions of 2500 historical words of ancient Turkic languages and their comparison with more than 20 old literary exposure written during the 11-15th centuries, as well as with more than 20 rich materials of modern Turkic languages. There are also comparisons with Arab- Persian, Mongolian, Buryat, Kalmyk languages.

An outstanding turkologist Amir Nacip was born in Aul of Bakty, Makanshy district, former Semei region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 1899. He received his first education from aul mullah, then studied in gymnasium near Russian consulate in Chinese Shaueshek, after in teachers' seminary in Semei, he was interested and successful in studying languages and learned Russian, Arabic, Persian languages. ​​Doctor of philological sciences, professor, who could fluently speak and write in languages of more than 20 Turkic peoples, he was a member of the Soviet Committee of turkologists, a member of the Turkish language assosiation.


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