Mongolian newspapers published the Article of Elbasy


The article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on "Seven facets of the Great Steppe" was translated into dozens of languages ​​of the world. The full text of the articlehas recently been published in Mongolia's "Open door" newspaper.

The Mongolian version of the article published on the TWESCO website was previously copied by a number of Mongolian mass media. In particular, the and the "Mongol Times" newspaperpublished the textof the article. In addition, the Mongolian intellectuals have expressed their opinion on the article of the President. Director of the National Museum of Mongolia, Doctor of Historical Sciences Mr. D. Sukhbaatar has noted in his article "Expanding the horizons of nomadic civilizations" that this idea will give impetus and confidence in studying the nomads' common values ​​and heritage. In addition, there were many commentators in the social networks. The article's Mongolian text was shared 35 times within Facebook network.

The editorial note to the article was also included in the 48thissue of the Open door /Neelttei-Haalga newspaper, dated December 7. It states that the article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev on "Seven facets of the Great Steppe" isa continuation of his program article "Towards the future: modernization of Identity" published last year. “We present toreadersthis deep article of the president of Kazakhstan, our neighboring country from ancient times, with common history, life, and traditions,” states the Mongolian newspaper.


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