The head of the TWESCO has awarded an honored scholar


An International Scientific and Practical Conference on "Revival of Identity and Issues of the Turkic World History", organized by the International Turkic Academy jointly with the Shokan Ualikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology, has started in Almaty. The head of the TWESCO Darkhan Kydyrali participated in the conference and delivered welcoming speech.

The conference is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Alimgazy Dauletkhan, leading researcher at the Sh.Ualikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology. During the event, TWESCO president Darkhan Kydyrali awarded a silver medal of the Academy and a special shapan (national robe) to the scholar for his contribution to the development of Turkic world science and the study of historical cooperation.

At the conference scientific reports and discussions on "Ethno-political problems of Kazakhstan in the ancient and medieval times", "History of culture of Turkic people", "Relevant issues of domestic history within the framework of the Modernization of Identity program" were held, and a number of Alimgazy Dauletkhan’s works were presented. Among these works is the book entitled "The History of the Great Hunt Empire" by Bahaddin Ogel, published by the Turkic Academy. Alimgazy Dauletkhan has translated the two-volume work into Kazakh.


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