Young writers of the Turkic world gathered in Istanbul


Today, 1st Festival of Young Poets and Writers of the Turkic world organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the Union of Writers of Eurasia started in Istanbul.

58 young writers from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Northern Cyprus, Turkey and Turkmenistan and other 22 Turkic states participate in the event organized for the first time.

Well-known in the literary environment young writers, or those whose works are published in their own countries, are expected to discuss the diversity of contemporary trends in the literature of the Turkic world and share their experiences. In addition, according to organizers, it is expected that after returning to home countries young Turkic-speaking writers will translate each other's works into their own language.

Moreover, it is planned that famous poets and writers such as Ali Akbas (Turkey), Anar (Azerbaijan), Tolen Abdik (Kazakhstan) and Ismail Bozkurt (Northern Cyprus) will share their life experiences with young writers.

The festival, which includes various literary and cultural events, will last 4 days and will be summed up on August 18.


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