TWESCO has awarded a Certificate of Merit to Ambassador of Japan


Today, the head of the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) Darkhan Kydyrali has awarded the TWESCO Diploma to the Ambassador of Japan to Kazakhstan Ichiro Kawabata.

The Academy Award is presented to the Ambassador “For his invaluable contribution to strengthening the relationship among the people with the common historic roots and to deepening their cooperation in the field of science and education”.

The solemn Awarding ceremony was held in the National Academic Library as part of the second seminar organized by the Academy in the series of "The heritage of the outstanding figures of the Turkic World".

It should be noted that the Turkic Academy and Japanese scientific organizations have established a solid foundation for cooperation. In particular, during the first seminar organized by the Academy in the series of "Great Persons of the Turkic world", the famous Tokyo Turkologist Hisao Komatsu delivered a lecture in Turkish on the outstanding figure of Tatar people Abdurashit Ibraghim. Moreover, in October 2017, the delegation, led by the Academy's head, visited Japan on a special invitation of the International Union of Academies and held a serie of meetings.


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