The cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the world collections was presented


A presentation of five new books (6-10th volumes) of album-books from the "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the world collections" series was held in Tashkent.

The presentation of books took place in the framework of the International Media Forum on "The Crossroads of Times: The Great Legacy of the Past - the Basis of an Enlightened Future".

The sixth volume is devoted to the musical heritage of Uzbekistan. The seventh volume dedicated to the collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts will cover one of the oldest lists of Al-Biruni’s famous works, collections of poetry – works of poets such as Agakhi, Bisati Samarkandi, Bedil, Hafez, Muhammad Iskhak Buharii and others. The eighth volume of the "Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan" series is dedicated to the State Hermitage collection. The book contains information about rarest objects found on the territory of Uzbekistan. The 9th volume includes a unique collection of the I.V. Savitsky State Arts Museum of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The collection of artifacts of Uzbekistan stored in the museums of Moscow is extensively presented on the pages of the 10th volume.

Recall that the first five volumes were presented in May 2017 at the international congress on "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan - the way to dialogue between peoples and countries."

The editions are designed not only for representatives of scientific and research circles, but also for a wide audience, representatives of younger generation who are interested in the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.


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