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Dear colleagues!

Сh. Valikhanov History and Ethnology Institute and International Turkic Academy on the 13th of September, 2018 will hold the International scientific and practical conference «SPIRITUAL REVIVAL AND ISSUES OF HISTORY OF THE TURKIC WORLD» dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the famous historian, Leading Research Associate of the Institute, candidate of the Historical sciences Dauletkhan Alimgazy.

Directions of the conference:

- Issues of Ethnopolitical History of Ancient and Medieval Kazakhstan;

- History of the culture of the Turkic peoples;

- Actual problems of the Homeland History in the framework of the program «Ruhani zhangyru».

Place and time: Almaty, st. Shevchenko, 28, Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov, 9.00 - registration, 10.00 - the beginning.

Those who wish to participate in the conference must send the reports to the address of the Organizing Committee:

1. Statement by the proposed form.

2. The text of the article shouldn’t exceed 10 pages 1 interval on the print and electronic media. Foreign participants can be sent the article by e-mail on the approved file (it is necessary to indicate in the text of the letter: the first author’s full name – article).

Conference languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

DEADLINE - by August 10, 2018 to the following address:

050010, Almaty, 28 Shevchenko st.

CS MES RK CH.CH. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology, Organizing Committee.


Telephone numbers: 8 (727) 261-16-35, 8 (727) 261-17-58, 8 (727) 272-68-46.

Fax: 8 (727) 261-67-19

            E-mail address:


The article should be no more than 10 pages, the MS WORD editor in * .doc, * .rtf format. The file name must match the first author’s full name.

Font text «Times New Roman», Size 14.

Borders: upper - 2, lower - 2, left - 3, right - 1 cm. Line spacing - single.

Through the interval in the center in bold type lowercase letters - title of the article, on the right the author’s full name, academic degree, academic title and name of the organization, in parentheses - city, country. Links in the article are made in square brackets with the indication of pages (for example, [1, page 17.]). References indicated at the end of the article. At the end of the sentence, the point is placed after the link.

Tables are typed in the MS WORD editor. The References is indicated at the end of the article (numbering without dots).

Full name: _______________________________________________________________________

Academic degree (academic title): ____________________________________________________

Position: ________________________________________________________________________

Full name of the organization: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

Contact phone: ___________________________________________________________________

Author's address:__________________________________________________________________

Fax, E-mail ______________________________________________________________________

Brief summary of the article, topic: ___________________________________________________

I intend to:

• make a presentation at a meeting of the section;

• take part in the conference as a listener;

• participate in absentia.

We are grateful for the dissemination of this information to interested persons.

Sincerely, the organizing committee!


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