Amir Najib's lecture hall was opened in Semey


Mukhtar Auezov Pedagogical College in Semey opened special lecture hall and a memorial plaque dedicated to a Turkologist, Polyglot, expert of Turkic languages ​​Amir Najib. The International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) organized the solemn ceremony.

President of the Academy Darkhan Kydyrali, scientist’s daughter Elmira Najibova, the scientist, Alash expert Tursyn Zhurtbay, historian Mukhtarbek Karimov, poet Tynyshtykbek Abdikakimov, director of the college Shagangul Zhanaeva and representatives of intelligentsia attended the event, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the scholar. During the meeting devoted to the Turkologist, the head of the Academy presented four volumes of Amir Najib's "Historical and Comparative Dictionary of Turkic Languages ​​of the 14th century" and other books published by the organization.

Recall that famous Turkologist Amir Najib was born in Bakty village of Semipalatinsk regionin 1899. He was educated at the M.Auezov Pedagogical College, called the "Seminar of Teachers" at the beginning of the twentieth century. He also played with "Yarysh" football team, together with Mukhtar Auezov.

The scholar, who spoke about twenty languages, researched literary art written in Egypt. The works belonged to Mamluks, who allied with Golden Horde in 14th century. In 1961, in Moscow he published the text of “Mukabbat name”, written in XIV century along Syrdarya River, and prepared original version of the monument, its transcription, Russian translation and dictionary. In 1966, he developed Uighur-Russian Dictionary consisting of 33 thousand words. In his doctoral dissertation, Amir Najib made historical and comparative analysis of Saif Sarai's “Gulistan” and discovered that the work was written in Kipchak-Oghuz literary language. His work was published in Almaty in 1975 under the title “Тюркоязычный памятник XIV века Гулистан Сейфа Сараи и его язык” (“Turkic work of 14th century – Gulistan of Seif Sarai and its language”). He also wrote 4 volume work titled “Historical and Comparative Dictionary of Turkic Languages of XIV century” containing 2,500 words used in “Khosrow and Shirin” poem.

However, only the first volume of this work was published during scholar’s life. Later in 2017 the International Turkic Academy published scholar's work within the “Modern Turkology” series.


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