The World Nomad Games will start in three days


On September 2, the 3rd World Nomad Games will start in Sholpan-Ata, Kyrgyzstan. More than 2300 athletes from 40 countries of the world will compete in common nomadic sports. Guests from 80 countries will come.

According to the Kyrgyz State Agency for Physical Culture, Youth and Sports, in April this year, the Kyrgyz side has sent an official invitation to 102 countries to participate in the Games. Most of them have agreed to participate in the Games. In addition, the electronic registration system of athletes was also launched. However, submission of documents of the official delegations was finished on August 25.

Athletes compete in 37 sports. Among them are 37 sports for men and 16 for women. Nomads games are classified by horseback sports types, types of fighting, traditional intellectual games,

This year's gameplay program includes new competition type called "Great fighting of Nomads". In addition, the Book of Winners of the Nomads Games was also developed. There is only one winner in the "Great Fighting of Nomads", the second and third places are not provided. It is based on the principle of "Winner is the only, others are all equal!" Absolute championsin 13 national types of fighting will participate in the "Great fighting of Nomads". The winner’s namewill be written in the Book of Winners. Moreover, in the Book of Winners, along with "The Great Wrestler", "The Great Sniper", "Great Kokpar player" and "Great tulpar of Kokpar" will be included.

Recall that the World Nomad Games were first organized in 2014. 583 athletes from 19 countries took part in it and competed in 10 sports types. Over 230 million people worldwidewatched the first Games on TV. In the 2nd World Nomads Game of 2016, 1200 athletes from 62 countries arrived. They competed in 26 sports types. The television broadcasts of the second games covered 500 million people.

A snow leopard was chosen as a symbol of the 3rd World Nomad Games.


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