Turkology is enriched by new works


Today, Almaty hosted a presentation of a number of books developed by the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) on the basis of its scientific projects.

Among new books presented to readers are "Development of Uyghur language lexicon" and "Modern Uyghur literary language development" of Abduali Kaidar, and 4 volumes of "The Historical and Comparative Dictionary of the Turkic Languages of the 14th Century. On the basis of Kutyp’s work Kusrau-Shyryn" and 4 volumes of the "Endangered Turkic languages" of famous turkologist Amir Nazhip.

In the works of academician A.Kaidar such issues as the laws of development of Uyghur literary language are studied. Uigur dialectology, stages of modern Uighur language development and features of vocabulary and grammar development are discussed in detail.

It should be noted that Amir Nazhip’s dictionary, which is considered to be very valuable for Turkology, is published in the full version for the first time. Unfortunately, during the scientist’s lifetime only the first volume of his work was published in Moscow in 1979 and the rest of the volumes were not. For the first time, the Turkic Academy publishes the manuscripts handed by A. Nazhip to his student A.Kaidar.

The next work presented to readers is 4 volumed scientific collection of "The Endangered Turkic languages", which is carried out with participation of more than 300 scientists from 36 countries. The presentation of the valuable in the scientific world collection was previously held in Ankara and Astana.

Famous scholars, public figures and artists participated in the event.

It should be noted that the presentation of works was held within the framework of the Roundtable organized by the Academy on "Spiritual Modernization: Knowledge left by outstanding figures".


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