Representative of the TWESCO participated in the international meeting


A roundtable meeting on the occasion of the Day of Islamic Cooperation Organizationwas held in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. TWESCO representative Timur Kozyrevmade a reportat the meeting titled "Intercultural dialogue as an instrument for prevention of extremism and conflicts: an important experience of OIC member states in promoting intercultural dialogue".

In his report on "Intercultural Dialogue as a Tool to Fight violent Extremism: Experience of Kazakhstan," T. Kozyrev told about Kazakhstan's model of ethnic and religious tolerance, its main features. The speaker also emphasized the role of the President of Kazakhstan in the formation of this model, talked about the history of Kazakhstani model of multiculturalism and the activities of the Turkic Academy devoted to this issue.

Participants of the roundtable were very interested in the report.

Recall that the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) has the observerstatus in ISESCO and closely cooperates with the UNESCO.


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