Endangered Turkic languages will be discussed at the UNESCO platform


The International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) is planning to hold an international forum on "Modernization of Identity and Promoting Heritage: Endangered Turkic Languages" at the UNESCO headquarters on April 30. This was announced by the head of the TWESCO Darkhan Kydyrali at the Central Communications Service briefing dedicated to the Academy’s latest implemented projects and plans for 2018.

The above mentioned Forum is organized within the framework of President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s program on "Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity" and with the aim to contribute to the UNESCO strategic task on "Protecting, Promoting and Transmitting Heritage".

It is expected that the event in Paris will be attended by representatives of peoples from 16 countries of the world, the endangered languages native speakers​​. They will deliver reports and speeches in their language at the UNESCO headquarters. Turkic-speaking ethnicities from Mongolia to Hungary will share their thoughts on modernizing their native language. In particular, representatives of ethnicities whose languages are endangered, such as Kashkai, Karaiym, Kumyk, Nogai, Shor, Tuva, Khakass, Sakha, Sary Uighur, Hoton will participate. It is planned that they will present and show their national clothes and unique native art.

It should be noted that the Academy with the support of the Head of State carried out a number of projects ​​and special expeditions on the Endangered Turkic languages. In 2017, 4-volume work on "Endangered Turkic languages" published with the participation of 130 famous scientists from 26 countries was presented.

At the same time, the Academy jointly with Chinese scientists plan to research the Sary Uighur language and to hold an international conference this year. The book on "The Folk Literature of Sary Uighurs" and the dictionary of the 14th century "Hua Ii vocabulary", as well as "The Musical Heritage of Sary Uighurs" will be published soon.

In addition, this year, the UNESCO with the support of the Turkish National Commission will celebrate the 100th anniversary of publishing Ahmet Yükneki’s “Hibaat ul-Hakayık” ("A gift of Truth"). In this regard, the Academy has prepared two volumes of scientific monograph on "A gift of Truth".

According to the head of the Academy, this year, several events are planned with the aim to determine and celebrate at the UNESCO level an "International Day of Turkic Languages".

The Academy in cooperation with Turkish counterparts is also planning to actively participate in celebrating the 950th anniversary of Yusuf Balasaguni's "Kutadgu bilig" at the UNESCO level in 2019.


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