Scientific collection of Mandoki was presented in Astana


Today, presentation of the scientific collection of an outstanding turkologist Istvan Kongur Mandoki on "New comers from the east. Hungarians and Kipchak Turks in Europe" took place, which was published by the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) with the support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The event held in the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan was dated to 25 years since the death of I.K.Mandoki who contributed a lot to the development of cultural relations between Hungarian and Turkic peoples.

Diplomats from the Embassy of Hungary, the Hungarian professor Adam Molnar who developed and organized this event, Hungarian turkologist, Mandoki’s student David Somfay Kara, turkologists and intellectuals participated in the meeting held in the roundtable format.

The high meeting was moderated by the head of the Academy Darkhan Kydyrali. Speaking at a meeting, D.Kydyrali informed the public that presented work was developed within the framework of a special project of the Turkic Academy, also talked about the results of cooperation between Hungarian scientific community and the TWESCO.

In addition, within the framework of the event a documentary film on the "Journey in the Heart of Asia" was presented. 

It should be noted that the Academy held the first presentation of the scientific collection in Budapest, capital of Hungary, in 2015. In addition, 16 thousand books and valuable manuscripts of famous turkologist I.K. Mandoki are kept in the library of the International Turkic Academy.


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