V World Kurultai of Kazakhs was held in Astana


Speaking to the audience, the Head of the State greeted all participants of the World Kurultay who arrived in Astana from 39 countries of the near and far abroad.

As the press service of Akorda informs, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized the achievements and reforms implemented in Kazakhstan for 25 years since the first Kurultay.

The President of Kazakhstan has also separately focused on six projects implemented as part of spiritual modernization, among them are transition of the Kazakh alphabet into Latin script, translation of 100 best textbooks of the humanitarian direction, projects of "Tugan Zher", "Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan", "Modern Kazakhstan Culture in Global World","100 New Individuals of Kazakhstan".

The Head of the State, noting the importance of supporting compatriots from the state and the Kazakh society, commissioned the creation of “Otandastar” Foundation.

In addition, the Head of the State instructed to strengthen the work of Embassies to prepare documents and advise immigrants to Kazakhstan.

The President also instructed to work out the issue of broadcasting state-owned TV channels and distributing printed publications in neighboring countries, to create a mechanism for attracting and adapting talented and qualified specialists from among compatriots, to take measures to create favorable living conditions and provide work for people who participated in the resettlement from South to North program.

At the end of the introductory speech Nursultan Nazarbayev invited the Kurultai participants to make an excursion around Astana and visit EXPO-2017 specialized exhibition.

At the end of Kurultai, the President of Kazakhstan addressed compatriots abroad, urging them to always love and not forget their homeland.

- It comes out right that foreign Kazakhs often come to the country and strengthen their ties with their native land. Wherever you are, always keep Kazakhstan in your heart. We all have one historical Motherland - Kazakhstan, the Head of State concluded.

It should be noted that the Head of the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) Darkhan Kydyrali participated in the World Kurultai of Kazakhs held since 1992 and made a special report. In his speech, he proposed to open special centers in foreign countries, especially in countries with our diaspora, in order to systematically introduce our cultural heritage to the world.


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