The X Turkic Music Festival "Astana-Arkau" will take place in Astana


Today, the X Turkic Music Festival "Astana-Arkau" will take place in "Astana Opera" theatre within the framework of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The event will be held on July 3-4 in the chamber hall.

The concerts of the Astana-Arkau Festival will feature almost all Turkic peoples’s music that will be performed by high-level masters, many of whom are well known far beyond their countries. There will be presented genres that are highly appreciated and continue to be admired by listeners both of the West and the East: shamanic chants, virtuoso compositions for khomus (shan-kobyz), overtone singing, epic and instrumental compositions, song lyrics of the Turks of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Transcaucasus and Anatolia, the Volga region and Siberia. There will be performed music of different styles and different content. Listening to the priceless treasures of Turkic music will become a real celebration for residents and guests of the capital.

Thanks to its 10th anniversary, the Festival promises the lovers of the musical heritage of the Turkic world many pleasant surprises. The Festival will become a bright event to remember, assured the organizers.


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