The Turkic Academy hosted a meeting with Kazakh and Turkish writers


Today, a meeting with the lector of Turkish University of Gazi, literary critic Cemile Kınacı and the secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Turkey, writer Malik Otarbayev was held at the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO).

At the meeting with the staff of the Academy, literary scholars spoke in details about Kazakh-Turkish literary relations, translation issues.

Ms. Cemile Kınacı has studied Kazakh literature for many years, and she published a monograph in Turkish on research of 16 novels of Kazakh prominent writers, such as Zh. Aimauytov, S. Mukanov, M.Auezov, A.Kekilbayev, M. Magaunov. According to the scholar, who translated S.Seifullin’s poem "Kokshetau" and G.Musrepov’s novel "Ulpan" into Turkish, Turkish readers express high interest to the Kazakh literature. Especially the "Ulpan", the image of Kazakh woman who did not give up, won hearts of Turkish readers.

And the writer M.Otarbayev, who translated works of 25 Kazakh writers into Turkish on the eve of 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence, shared his thoughts and experiences on the translation issues. He also shared his views on the similarity and differences of Kazakh-Turkish literature, and their research features. Today, writer and translator M.Otarbayev is currently translating works of famous Turkish poet Yunus Emre into Kazakh language. He said that soon Kazakh readers would be able to read its book.

It should be noted that this meeting was organized within the framework of the international librarians symposium on "The Reading nation in the Reading world" held with the support of UNESCO and ISESCO within the EXPO-2017 in Astana.


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