Members of the expedition met with people of Ulytau (Photo)


Today, in Ulytau a large-scale meeting with local residents was held within the framework of the 3rd international expedition "From Kentay to Ulytau: Modernization of the Historical Memory" organized by the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO).

A meeting with the participation of representatives of Ulytau region intelligentsia and members of the international expedition was opened by the head of the Academy Darkhan Kydyrali. 

He pointed out that the expedition aims at modernization of the sacred places and historical consciousness raised by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the article on "Future orientation: spiritual revival". He also spoke in details about the first phase of the expedition, which started on August 15 in Mongolian Burkhan Khaldun region, the birthplace of Genghis Khan. He also reported on the Academy's excavations of ancient Turkic monuments in Mongolia.

Then members of the expedition such as the candidate of Philosophy, well-known scholar Darkhan Zhazykbayev, head of the “Holy Kazakhstan” Research Center Berik Abdygali, Deputy Director of the National Museum of Mongolia Bayarsakhin Jamsranjav, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Conscience, Religion and Charity of the Supreme Council of Russian Federation Murad Zargishiev and professor at Ahi Evran University, expert of the "GazeteVatan" Turkish newspaper Kursad Zorlu made a speech. They noticed that such international expeditions would have a positive impact on science development and strengthening of friendship and cooperation of peoples.

Following the meeting, the expedition team visited the Ulytau Museum and the Khan Horde monument.

It should be noted that the TWESCO will summarize and present to the public results of the international expedition that started in Mongolia on 15th of August and finished in Ulytau on 15th of September at a special meeting in the National Academic Library in Astana on September 18.



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