The sacred places of the Turkic world

Alasha Khan Mausoleum

One of the solid monuments of the architectural art of the Deshti Kipchak belonging to the period of Akorda is the Alasha Khan Mausoleum, located in the middle flow of the Karakengir River. The design decision, which has become a tradition of construction, is constructed in rectangular shape, covered with spherical dome. It is made of single-burnt red bricks. The total area of ​​the monument is 9.73×11.91 meters, the diameter of the dome is 5.81 meters and the height is 10 meters.

The entrance is quite solemn, it is similar to double door of the yurt. A double-tongue strip is drawn from down to upper on both sides of the entrance. This strip is brick-shaped, and it makes the mausoleum more compact and light.

External walls decorate brickwork with special pattern similar to alasha design. Nomadic culture clearly shows the tradition of demonstrating the most important characteristic of deceased at the burial place from critical stones to graves.

The beauty and strength of Alasha Khan Mausoleum is due to its exceptional project and architectural design. For example, the four walls that rise from the base to the top transform to eight facets with the perfect harmony. These eight facets with the same harmony turn to drum with sixteen facets. It reminds the concave poles of the yurt. A perfect dome comes up over the sixteen-faceted drum. In the entrance to the mausoleum there is a stepped hollow around the thick wall. This hollow leads to the second floor of the mausoleum, to the outer part.

After leaning on the balcony, you can turn around the sixteen facets of the drum. If you look around from the balcony, you see that the building is one of the tallest places in the area.

Due to laying the bricks of the mazar in different ways, such shapes as rhombus, triangle, and asterisk were reached. The surfaces of some bricks and the sides are decorated with ornaments. There are six small windows full of sunlight on the upper part of the walls.

The dome is fully integrated into the room square.

The thickness of walls of the Alasha Khan Mausoleum is more than 1 meter. They often serve as a counterfeit and push down the dome’s pressure. And the weight of the dome lays on the walls which are considered as 8 sharp arches and pylons.

The Alasha Khan Mausoleum is a noble symbol of the architectural development of the Karakhan era.

Source: The Turkic art. Anthology. International Turkic Academy, 2014