Turkic national games

National games and sports are very close. For example, the wrestling (kures) is the national sport of the Turkic people,…

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Turkic national games: Kures (wrestling)

People awarded with the title of the Wrestler (Paluan) play an important role in Turkic culture. Turkic epos hero usually…

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Ancient Turkic calendar

Today, a Turkic calendar of twelve-year cycle is a wide spread in Central Asia, Siberia, the region of Ural and…

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Turkic national games: Kokpar

It is a Central Asian folk culture, especially Turkic community’s traditional sport played on horse. According to the rule the…

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Ethnography of the Turkic community

Common values of Turkic peoples pronounced in their ethnographic traditions. Especially, they have the same or similar names of tribes…

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Turkic national dances

Turkic communities have its own games and dances according to the region. The Caucasus, the Middle East, Anatolia, the Balkans,…

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